Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WEDDING DAY Essentials: The party

Wedding Day Essentials: The Party
The BIG DAY is almost here!!!  You’ve got your dress, shoes, decoration, and food all under control.  You picked the right location, you’ve chosen the perfect drinks to match with the perfect dinner.
However, did you also think about what people would say after the party?
Imagine that the party went incredibly well, but the next day they have such a hangover that all they can remember from your party is: “Why did I drink so much?”

So, we have a small advice for you to make your special day perfect.
Impress your guests by presenting them with a ice-chilled bottle of an anti-hangover drink, at the moment they are living the party; and make your guests, family, as well you enjoy every minute of the party and the day after. Security Feel Better is one of the hottest products in the anti-hangover field, and has just been launched in the US market.
This French non-alcoholic digestive drink is made from plants and herb extracts, which naturally stimulate the digestive process, thus preventing hangovers and food overindulgence.

Weddings are famous for numerous toasts, and Security Feel Better will close this celebration in a very unique way.

Last but not least, wedding planners must make sure both bride & groom have their chilled bottle of Security Feel Better on their nightstand by the time they reach the bridal suite thus ensuring the happiness on their very special nuptials.

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