Monday, December 20, 2010

New Year’s resolution: Cure your “existential” hangover

New years is the opening of a fresh, new, year according to the calendar, but actuality it’s just another day — no different than yesterday.  But then again, any excuse to get drunk is a good one: Break-ups or Unions, Bankruptcy or Successful business, illness or perfect health conditions.
Its also they where promises are made to start making the right decisions forthwith.

All the same, every year when the New Year rolls around, you find people wracking their brain to think of resolutions to improve their life. They've probably found from experience that resolving to win the lottery is not likely to happen, because as they say (not that I've ever figured out who "they" are), "Ya gotta play to win."

Obviously, gets better results whoever make resolutions that are a sure thing. Stuff like, “learn how to cook," or "Sleep whenever possible." A simple and achievable resolution can be: start the New Year without hangover!

New Year's Eve is the night when millions of toasts are made. But the next day, many will suffer the consequences - the dreaded hangover headache.  As wonderful as the New Year's Eve party might have been, partygoers who overdid it at the bar will spend New Year's Day tormented by a hangover.  The typical symptoms are fatigue, headache, joint pain and an upset stomach that typically includes vomiting and pain.

Are you wondering if you can make it through this New Year's morning without suffering from the dreaded party hangover? Whether you have a couple of glasses of wine or go for a hard boozing night of holiday revelry, a hangover can get you.

That’s when the wise guy inside of you should look for a solution that make your first day of the year THE GREAT DAY OF THE YEAR. If you think about it, the last day is to be forgotten, and the first you will carry with you during the other 364 days. So chose wisely the hangover prevention method you will go for. Go for natural and eco-friendly products - yes sir, going green should be on your resolutions.  Trust the ones that have been in the market long enough to prove their efficacy, for example, Security Feel Better.

Every man should be born again on the first day of January.  Start with a fresh page. Start with simples but realistic resolutions that can change your every day, like not suffering hangovers anymore!

Ahhh, finally—something you can achieve!

Cheers to a fresh new year and an extra chance for us to get it right with Security Feel Better!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Creative & Funny Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Buying Christmas presents for your friends, family and co-workers can be a serious business.
However, a creative Christmas gift is the perfect way to bring some holiday fun.

You also have to consider the fact that the gift should be unique, all while staying in a relatively low budget. Sure, plenty of people will head straight to their local mega–mart to pick up a generic gift card.

Buy a fun and entertaining gift. Depending on how well you know the person, a smart humorous gift could be a nice touch as a Secret Santa present, and you can find one of a kind gift ideas based on your Secret Santa's personality.
You don't want to buy a humorous Christmas gift to just anyone - for instance, probably not your boss - but for your older brother or the guy at the office who is always making fun of everyone, sure. You can even give them out as party favors at your Christmas celebrations. 
This is where we come in!  
Here is a fun, creative, original idea for your gift to spice up this year's Secret Santa.

For that guy in the office who is always coming late to work, saying that party was amazing last night, a bottle of anti-hangover beverage will help him to get back on track… and be more Productive!! 

Get yours now:

Cool Corporate Christmas Gift for Employees

Christmas time provides a perfect opportunity for any business to present a special gift to an employee who has continued to provide excellent service to the company.

However, we know that picking holiday gifts for employees can be a frustrating task.
Of course, each employee has a different idea of what the best holiday gift is, so picking gifts that will make everyone happy may seem impossible.
Nevertheless, with a little thought and planning, finding the best holiday gifts for employees doesn't have to be so complicated.

Gifts don't have to be expensive to be appreciated! A well-picked creative gift is the perfect way to bring some holiday fun.

The most favorite corporate Christmas gift ideas involve giving employees or business associates something to indulge in. Most gourmet goodies tend to go down well with employees.

Therefore, presenting the recipients with a fun and entertaining gourmet gift:
A premium anti-hangover beverage will spice up the Christmas celebration, and will help employees to get back on track… and be productive the day after the parties at the office.

Get yours now:

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Security Feel Better Announces winners of Facebook Event

Just in time for the holiday season, and 5 lucky guys will receive the hottest anti-hangover drink for FREE!

They joined our Facebook Launching event and will be delighted with 4 bottles each.

So, without further adieu, the winners are (chosen by Random Number Generator):
James Shepard
Bryan Absolute
Richard Collins
Stephanie Lord
Susan Gonzalez

We will send you an email or you can email us at and provide us with your mailing address so that we ship your products to you.

Thank you all for participating!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving may have Calories but Not Hangovers

Did you know that average Thanksgiving dinner has about 3000 calories?

Everybody knows that Thanksgiving and diet don't match. It's a once in a year event that you are pleased to enjoy with friends and family. You shouldn't miss this delicious meal.

However if the amount of turkey, sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese and alcohol consumed start hurting your stomach AND your conscience, you may need your  digestive aid to help your metabolism and avoid the "stuffed" feeling! 

You certainly will eat and drink too much at Thanksgiving dinner:  make sure to drink Security Feel Better after the "marathon", which will speed up your digestion and you will feel better within 45 minutes.

Don't let the turkey get you down!
Take your digestive aid after Thanksgiving dinner and FEEL BETTER faster.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Infallible method for a Hangover-Free Holiday Season

The holiday season is steadily approaching - the best one to celebrate – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and all different other celebrations come along at this time of the year. Uncle Joe infamous cranberry engraving mix, Grandmother famous X-mas pies, and the plethora of wine and spirits we consume in our parties, always gives us a something to remember them by. Not to mention the few extra drinks at the office holiday party, or the too many “bubbles” on New Year's Eve, and even the chances that you will inevitably wake up with a dreaded hangover.

If you want to enjoy a harmless Holiday season, sure you will need a good advice to prevent your hangover. First, lets understand how hangovers are created in the first place, and then find out how symptoms that come along can be avoided, as raging headaches, dehydration and fatigue.

Being a water-soluble liquid, within a few seconds of passing your lips alcohol will be distributed on parts of the body with the highest concentration of water. Your brain soaks it up like a big sponge; in fact within 90 seconds of your very first drink, alcohol begins to cross the blood brain barrier. This is where all the fun begins! You blood alcohol content (BAC) will reach its peak within 30 to 45 minutes, however will continue to rise as more drinks are consumed, bringing you the felling called "BUZZ". However when your body starts working the other way around, the “Hangover” feeling will start, and always last longer than the BUZZ. Why? Because it depends on how fast your body metabolizes the alcohol.

There are a few home advices that could be taken in order to prevent hangovers, as eating before drinking, choosing a beverage that produces less effect of hangover, or some pills that can be found over the counter. But do they work?? An interesting solution which has hooked Europeans for many years is one made of a key ingredient designed to ward off the unpleasant aftereffects of alcohol: Artichoke.

Artichoke is popular by its tremendous properties for renewing the liver. It's actually referred to as a hepatoprotector and a hepatic cell generator. Since artichoke juice probably wouldn't be terrific, the product Security Feel Better, manufactured in France, concocted a mixture of pear, artichoke, Vitamin C and fructose to make a very neutral tasting drink. The fructose will increase blood sugar, the Vitamin C replaces what you lost by drinking in the first place, and the artichoke soothes the liver. The pear seems to be just for taste. It smells of pear, tastes slightly of pear, but it isn't sweet or syrupy. And, because it's just an ounce, there's not even a lot of it that you have to drink either.

Their test results show that because it will speed up your metabolism, the effects will come in 45 minutes after drinking Security Feel Better. And the most interesting aspect of it is that works not only for hangover cure, but being a digestive aid, it will also make you feel better after ingestion of heavy meals (remember how many hours it took you to sleep after that Thanksgiving dinner last year???).

With the holidays fast approaching and Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas parties and New Years Eve celebrations, make Security Feel Better as your strategy to get through this holiday season with no hangover symptoms. The product is available in the US territory already.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Security Feel Better Halloween Party - Happy Valley PA

Check out these great pictures from the Security Feel Better 2010 Halloween Party, at Happy Valley, PA.

To see more, visit our Facebook page:

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hangover FREE Halloween

Don’t let your super hero become a frightening monster the day after Halloween! Avoid the creepy hangover, and buy now your Security Feel Better anti-hangover drink! Hurry up and get yours!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WEDDING DAY Essentials: The party

Wedding Day Essentials: The Party
The BIG DAY is almost here!!!  You’ve got your dress, shoes, decoration, and food all under control.  You picked the right location, you’ve chosen the perfect drinks to match with the perfect dinner.
However, did you also think about what people would say after the party?
Imagine that the party went incredibly well, but the next day they have such a hangover that all they can remember from your party is: “Why did I drink so much?”

So, we have a small advice for you to make your special day perfect.
Impress your guests by presenting them with a ice-chilled bottle of an anti-hangover drink, at the moment they are living the party; and make your guests, family, as well you enjoy every minute of the party and the day after. Security Feel Better is one of the hottest products in the anti-hangover field, and has just been launched in the US market.
This French non-alcoholic digestive drink is made from plants and herb extracts, which naturally stimulate the digestive process, thus preventing hangovers and food overindulgence.

Weddings are famous for numerous toasts, and Security Feel Better will close this celebration in a very unique way.

Last but not least, wedding planners must make sure both bride & groom have their chilled bottle of Security Feel Better on their nightstand by the time they reach the bridal suite thus ensuring the happiness on their very special nuptials.

Monday, August 30, 2010

SECURITY FEEL BETTER --> No More Hangovers

Nothing's more fun than having a few drinks with friends until next day you wake up and notice the room starts spinning and your head feels like it's about to explode. Here's how to feel better again:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What can you find in a Trendy Woman's Handbag??

Some said that women are usually meticulous in choosing the accessories they will carry in their purse.
But the modern women goes beyond beauty or make up: they want to carry things to make them FEEL BETTER. Classic, polished, appropriated, with an unexpected twist!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The new hot anti-hangover beverage has finally arrived to US!

NO MORE HANGOVERS! - This is not an empty promise!

Security Feel Better is globally recognized as a premium world-class anti-hangover digestive drink, made from plants and herb extracts, which naturally stimulates the digestive process, helping to eliminate toxins faster and preventing hangovers. 
Effective within 45 minutes.

The drink - invented by a French scientist and sold in France since 1996 - has thrilled consumers all over the world, in more than 20 countries.
The beverage’s formula is the result of 6 years intensive research and development in France.

"We are planning on capitalizing and growing the ever-growing public interest in non-alcoholic beverages with innovative 'shot' packaging formats, thus targeting a sophisticated consumer base that will enjoy Security Feel Better as a digestive aid after heavy drinking and meals." - said Leonardo Freitas, Managing Director for Security Beverages Company, Inc.

A strong targeted marketing campaign will accompany the US launch.

Pre-order/More info: