Monday, December 20, 2010

New Year’s resolution: Cure your “existential” hangover

New years is the opening of a fresh, new, year according to the calendar, but actuality it’s just another day — no different than yesterday.  But then again, any excuse to get drunk is a good one: Break-ups or Unions, Bankruptcy or Successful business, illness or perfect health conditions.
Its also they where promises are made to start making the right decisions forthwith.

All the same, every year when the New Year rolls around, you find people wracking their brain to think of resolutions to improve their life. They've probably found from experience that resolving to win the lottery is not likely to happen, because as they say (not that I've ever figured out who "they" are), "Ya gotta play to win."

Obviously, gets better results whoever make resolutions that are a sure thing. Stuff like, “learn how to cook," or "Sleep whenever possible." A simple and achievable resolution can be: start the New Year without hangover!

New Year's Eve is the night when millions of toasts are made. But the next day, many will suffer the consequences - the dreaded hangover headache.  As wonderful as the New Year's Eve party might have been, partygoers who overdid it at the bar will spend New Year's Day tormented by a hangover.  The typical symptoms are fatigue, headache, joint pain and an upset stomach that typically includes vomiting and pain.

Are you wondering if you can make it through this New Year's morning without suffering from the dreaded party hangover? Whether you have a couple of glasses of wine or go for a hard boozing night of holiday revelry, a hangover can get you.

That’s when the wise guy inside of you should look for a solution that make your first day of the year THE GREAT DAY OF THE YEAR. If you think about it, the last day is to be forgotten, and the first you will carry with you during the other 364 days. So chose wisely the hangover prevention method you will go for. Go for natural and eco-friendly products - yes sir, going green should be on your resolutions.  Trust the ones that have been in the market long enough to prove their efficacy, for example, Security Feel Better.

Every man should be born again on the first day of January.  Start with a fresh page. Start with simples but realistic resolutions that can change your every day, like not suffering hangovers anymore!

Ahhh, finally—something you can achieve!

Cheers to a fresh new year and an extra chance for us to get it right with Security Feel Better!

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