Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The science behind - SECURITY FEEL BETTER Ingredients

SECURITY FEEL BETTER is a carefully crafted blend of natural ingredients designed by a chemist to aid the body in the digestive process and significantly reduce the effects of overindulgence of food and alcohol.

Anti-oxidant artichoke is a hepatoprotector and a regenerator of the hepatic cell. It is generally used to stimulate liver renewal.

The Angelica plant has a long history of use as a medicinal herb, in particular for the treatment of digestive disorders and problems with blood circulation.

Yunnan Tea
China’s oldest wild tea tree, Yunnan tea helps strengthen the body and stimulate metabolism, additionally responsible for balancing and regulating cholesterol levels.

Lemon Juice / Vitamin C
Widely held to increase the rate of alcohol metabolism and helps boost the immune system

Pear Flavor
Just enough for taste.  It smells lightly of pear, tastes slightly of pear, but it isn't sweet or syrupy.

SECURITY naturally stimulates the digestive process, helping to eliminate toxins faster than the body would normally process them.

And you can add at it’s benefits:

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