Monday, March 28, 2011

The best hangover prevention in the market!

What do customers have to say about Security Feel Better?

As we are hitting the US market, more and more people are trying the effectiveness and the reviews couldn't be better!

At Amazon, clients are saying "Straight to the point these drinks worked very well." 

The website Hangover Cures that Work recently published an article where they compare Anti-hangover Drinks versus Hangover pills:

"Many people who have used anti hangover pills and then switched to Security Feel Better Anti-Hangover Drink for hangover relief, say that Security Feel Better Anti-Hangover Drink is the superior product – hands down. Since it is an anti hangover drink and not a pill, it’s improved effectiveness makes sense. Your body more readily absorbs liquids, so Security Feel Better Anti-Hangover Drink goes to work immediately to speed up alcohol digestion so you don’t have to deal with a hangover."

And last but not least, Security Feel Better has received the seal of approval getting an "A" rate at, The Essential Blog for The Discriminating Drinker, where the taste and effectiveness of our hangover prevention drink beat any competitor:

"The problem, as I've said here on the blog many times, with hangover prevention drinks is that they often taste so bad the hangover is actually preferable. That and they don't really work.
Security Feel Better (yes, that's the name) wins on both fronts: It tastes good, and it seems to be effective at making the morning after more of a success."


Cheers for all the positive words, and for those who haven't tried, look for a location near you or buy it online: 

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