Monday, February 14, 2011

Fight for a good cause - The END of HANGOVERS!

Join us on a good cause: Attend our Facebook event and you may get samples to end your hangover:

Why does the morning after parties has to be tough?
Why waking-up is so hard, even painful?

So, how can hangovers be avoided?
Moderation is certainly the key of avoiding hangovers, but in the event of excess, help is at hand. The easiest solution to ensure a gentle and pain-free wake up in the morning is:
Drink SECURITY FEEL BETTER before going to bed.

Join us for a good cause - THE END OF HANGOVERS!
Invite your friends, spread out the good news!

At the end of the event, 10 people* will receive at their home 2 bottles of Security Feel Better!

Security Feel Better supports a better world, with no war.
If is to fight, let's fight for a good cause: The end of hangovers!

*Everyone is invited, but to receive samples must be an US address.

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