Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine’s Day: Celebrating the Holiday of Love

Valentine’s Day is all about flowers and heart shaped chocolate box. Approximately 110 million roses, the majority red, will be sold and delivered within a three-day time period.
Even if you don't have a Valentine, you can still celebrate life, either alone or with friends, with these Valentine's Day ideas. On February 14th , what will you celebrate?

Valentine’s Day

It’s a tradition. Since the Middle Ages, people have honored St. Valentine, the patron saint of romantic causes.

Love inspires creativity. Even if words aren’t your thing, a love letter, poem or handmade card is the perfect way to express how you feel about someone. 

It's an excuse to indulge in some fancy cooking for two. Start with fresh oysters and end with strawberries in balsamic vinegar jelly. 

Adventure. What is the one thing your partner has always wanted to do? Now is the day to make that wish come true.

Pamper yourselves. Stay in the honeymoon suite at a five star hotel, visit a day spa together, shower each other with gifts, get dressed up for dinner, and order two rounds of dessert. 

Stay in. Order takeaway, buy a tub of your favorite ice cream, hire romantic movies and chill out on the sofa.

Party. When was the last time you hit the town together? Head to a bar, buy tickets to a gig, finally go to the newest nightclub in town.

Spread the love. Remind your friends and family how much you love them by sending Valentine's Day e-cards to everyone you care about.

Singles Awareness Day

For Her:
  • You can eat the entire box of chocolate.
  • Sometimes it's fun to drink champagne by yourself and dance to disco tunes in your living room.
  • It's okay if you're having a bad hair day. No one will notice.
  • Those tiny containers of Haagen Dazs were obviously designed for one person.
  • Hairy legs? No problem.
  • You get to spend quality time with your cat.
  • You can have a Sex in the City party with your other single girlfriends.
  • You can have the remote control all to yourself.

For Him:
  • You don't have to sit through chick flicks and pretend to like them.
  • You get to stay home and drink beer.
  • No clueless trips to Victoria's Secret, not knowing what size she is. The salesgirls will thank you.
  • One less day to have to remember – it's just Monday.
  • You don't have to shave – or even shower.
  • You can watch The Fight Channel all night long.
  • You don't have to wait in line with those other last-minute Valentine's Day shoppers.
  • You don't have to talk about your feelings.
  • You don't have to talk.
  • No one will stop you from playing video games.
  • You can save your money to buy more video games.

Remember that you don't need to be in a relationship to celebrate LIFE!
Just keep in mind that Feb 15 is a Tuesday and you need to get back to work… or you may keep enjoying your celebration in the morning after!

Doesn’t matter what is your celebration; take your anti-hangover drink, Security Feel Better the night before! 

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