Monday, June 6, 2011

Security Feel Better at Bachelor Pad 2!

Security Feel Better is pleased to announce we will be sponsoring the official Gift Lounge for BACHELOR Pad on June 6th - Season 2.

The redheaded stepchild of the Bachelor franchise, Bachelor Pad, will be back on ABC for a second go-round this August, and there are people out there who are just dying to know which formerBachelor and Bachelorette stars will return to the mansion for more dating action.

Who will be getting gifted ??! Shhh it's a secret!
Jake Pavelka, Justin Rated "R" Rego, Erica Rose, Kasey Kahl, Vienna Girardi, Rozlyn, Kirk DeWitt, Graham Bunn, Alli Travis, Jackie GordonMelissa Schreiber, Raichel, Brian Westendorf, Tanner Pope, Kathryn Sherlock are some of the possible cast list.

Keep tuned to hear more about....

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